Older Wilderhom Conceptual Art
Or: "What it was before what it is now."



The Picture that Started It All

This was a picture I did back in 1999. My handle back then was 'Snowman', I had no website, and I never intended to write a novel, let alone a trilogy. I was posting my furry pictures to the "alt.furry.pictures.misc" usenet group, and I just happened to include a short description of what I thought was going on in this picture. I wrote it in a story-like narrative format and then posted it along with the picture.

Lo and behold, a writer by the name of 'Foxcutter' thought the narrative was good and told me to 'go for it'.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it's now five years and 450,000 plus words later and still going strong.



The TOOB Machine

The original TOOB Machine Torus. The Rider's head was placed in the center opening much the same as a medical patient is placed into an MRI machine.



Earth Terminus Wormhole Complex
A Logo

ETWC was what Trans-World was before before it became Trans-World. This is the logo I designed for it. I wanted the logo to look a little like what a wormhole would look like from the side if one could look at it like that.



Wilderhom - The Planet of the Phurs

This was how Wilderhom looked at first. The shape its single, medium-sized continent has since changed , but the 'Raccoon Face' on the moon of Procyon is still the same.



The Monster Portal

This was how I initially envisioned the monsterous Portal Jayson and Kemsa created to Procyon in Book two, but in this earlier version I had it occuring in Book one and had it located over the ocean rather that over the plateau behind Taqhom.



Jayson Solamane

This is how I pictured Jayson from the very beginning and he's still the same - however his name went through a lot of changes before it became Jayson.

The last name of 'Solamane' is derived from his family's matriarch or 'Sola' who had herself and her decendent's hair or 'mane' genetically altered for cosmetic reasons. Thus the white streaks.



Kemsa and Jayson

Kemsa has gon through a few morphs, but Jayson is esentially the same as what he started out as. This pic illustrates the genetically altered hairline on his back.



Kemsa and Jayson

Another view.



Griffith Tange
Wilderhom Phur Liaison Officer

The 50+ year old curmugeon of the Wilderhom Embassy staff and second-in-command after the Embassy Secretary. He looks a lot like me and that hasn't changed. :)



Korrak DanTaq
Before I got his name spelled right.

Korrak always was the nasty of book one. In fact he would have prolly been hated even more if I'd written the first book from multiple POVs (including his). However, for Book one, I opted to write it strictly from Kemsa and Jayson's Point Of View only.



Tellman Long
The first manifestation.

Tellman Long was initialy in Stevvan Kohlaf's place in Book One (which is why this pic looks like a Stevvan Kohlaf only with hair.) However, Tellman got promoted to the position of Book Two bad-guy. You'l notice the old ETWC logo on his black jumper.

      Other art to come as I dig it up from the archives.