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The Sholan Alliance From My Mind's Eye

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  They travel in groups - they're always on the move - they're dizzying to watch - and they know how to enjoy life. They're the Touiban - one of the many interesting races found in the Sholan universe.

Think we need knives?

Think we need knives?

  This is an illustration I did after reading the first chapter of Lisanne's new book - "Between Darkness and Light". Available at and bookstores in Jan 2003.



  This is my very own Sholan personna. Too bad I can't look like this in RL!

Happy Holidays! 2002

Happy Holidays!

  Jeggets are curious creatures. Some would say nosey. Others just call 'em pests 'cuz they get into everything. Guard your goodies well, lest these cuties find 'em!

Nazule Bay

Nazule Bay

  This is a shot taken during an aircair ride I took over Nazule Bay on Shola. We were passing over the temple ruins on the Aldatan Estate and the light was just right. ('Picture' taken with Terragen software.)

Pounce or be Pounced!

  After extensive consultation with the Sholan Alliance's leading anatomist, I'm finally getting Sholan anatomy right. Flatter shoulders. Digitigrade feet. Shorter legs. Metacarpal pads on the paws. Yup. Nice anatomy.

A Jegget

  They're telepathic and can be a bother in large groups, so put a damper on the telepathy when they're around. Still, they're awfuly cute. Like fuzzy ferrets with a bottle brush tail.

Stronghold Meditation

  Somehow, when reading about Stronghold, I get this picture of a retreat high in the mountains--mountains similar to the ones in the Li Valley in China. The background in this picture is based on an e-photo my brother sent me from there, and the Sholan is based on a digital photo I took of a friend at lunch.

Face to Face

'Face to Face'


  This is how I see Kaid in confrontation. Nowhere can I remember it being mentioned in Lisanne's books that Sholans wear ponytails but that's how I see Kaid. Steven Segal wore a ponytail in some of his kick-ass, but caring movies, and Kaid reminds me of him.

Carrie & Kusak


Carrie & Kusak

  The first of many important characters to appear in Lisanne's books, Carrie and Kusak can safely be called the 'main' protagonists, but the Sholan Alliance is rich in memorable characters of all sorts. Go on! Get the books and read 'em! You'll find out. :)

'Mother's Love'

Carrie & Kashini

  A face only a mother could love? Not a chance. She's a real cutie. And transgenic kids can make a writer's brain pop with all the possible conflicts that might occur.

Link Days

Link Days

  Leska pairs have Link Days that entail certain not unpleasent activities. Though the subject matter is 'R', I thought this was a tasteful rendition.


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