Red House Control Room

Main Control Room Gear

Tascam DM3200  digital mixing board
MOTU 2408/PC digital workstation with SONAR 6
M20 20 bit ADAT recorders (24 tracks)
Tascam DA30MkII DAT recorder
Alesis Masterlink
OTARI 1/2" 2 track
Pioneer 701 1/4" 2 track
HR824 active nearfield monitors
Ashly CFT1800 main power amp
JBL 32 main monitors
Sound Forge 8.0 w/ Noise Reduction plugin 
Sonic Foundry ACID 2.0 Loop editor
Waves Native Power Pack plugins
Waves C4 multi-band compressor
CD duplicator w/ Signature printer
Thorens TD 165 turntable
HEARBACK personal monitor mixers
Rane HC6 Phone amps
APC uninteruptible power
Equi=Tech balanced power supply


Outboard Gear

1 DBX 363x Dual Gate
1 Lexicon LXP 1 Reverb/Effects
1 T.C. Electronics M3000 Reverb
1 Zoom 1204 Effects
6 RNC 1773 Compressors
2 DBX 286 Preamp/Comp
1 Peavey VMP-2 Dual Tube Preamp
1 Aphex 107 Dual Tube Preamp
Stewart & Conquest direct boxes
AT, AKG, & Sony phones

Microphone Selection

2 Neumann KM184 condenser mics
2 Audio Technica 4033 condenser mics
2 Royer R121 ribbon mics
2 AKG 391 condenser mics
2 Sound Room Oktave 012 multipattern condenser mics
1 Rode NT1 Condenser mic
1 Rode NT2 Condenser
2 AKG C3000 Condenser mics
3 modified Radio Shack PZM  mics
5 Shure SM57 dynamic
1 Shure SM58 dynamic
1 AKG D112 dynamic
Canare StarQuad cabling w/ gold Neutrik connectors


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