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Nohni Wabanda

Nohni Wabanda
Adventure Archeologist
Winter's Shard
Winters Shard
Nohni Wabanda finds herself accosted by Chryona Winter - an 8 foot tall Wolf/Wolverine hybrid giantess who accuses Nohni of stealing a precious artifact. Nohni doesn't have it but wants to find Winter's Shard as much as Winter does.

The fate of the Arctic and the rest of the world depends on it!
Story and Images Copyright (c) Philip Eggerding 2008
Birth Right
Birth Rite
Nohni is having disturbing nightmares about her unknown puphood, but doesn't think much about it until the madness spills over into one of her undergrad lectures and threatens to get her dismissed from Patriarch University.

However, a murdered professor's hidden files provide a clue to her murky past and Nohni is off to Egypt to discover who and what her dead parents really were.

Story and Images Copyright (c) Philip Eggerding 2009
Darien's Gap
Darien's Gap

Nohni's friend, Carlos Onca, has just gotten an unusual package from Panama. It contains the disembodied heart of an ocelot - one who might be his dearest friend. It is also a summons to mystical meeting with a Mayan Goddess who looks amazingly like Nohni herself.

Who is this Goddess of Change and why does she know so much about Nohni? And what must Nohni endure to find out what's really going on?
Story and Images Copyright (c) Philip Eggerding 2010

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